Monetization Services

Whether it is a campaign that nudges non spenders make their first purchase, or weekly promotions to drive ARPPU, our experienced team provides hands-on assistance.  We combine the data analysis, with campaign setup and performance reporting into an end-to-end offering.

Common Monetization Campaigns

Here are services popular with our customers.

First time spender nudge

Prompting non spenders to make their first purchase is very effective.  Common techniques include offering a first time buyer promotion and triggering these messages when the users' currency balance is low.

Repeat purchase campaigns

We help setup messaging and notifications to spenders when they are ready to make additional purchases.

Upgrade to subscription

Upgrade spenders from micro transactions to subscription packages.  Set up trial subscription offers or messages to encourage new subscriptions.

Gamify spending with streaks

We setup different streak and challenge based mechanics to drive repeat purchase behaviors.  Examples include rewards when certain purchase thresholds are met and daily login rewards.

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Leveraging industry best practices and our deep expertise, we can plan and setup campaigns to run within days.
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Our Value Proposition

We offer end-to-end services from good enough user predictions to the planning and execution of personalized campaigns.


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