Getting users to make that first purchase is a key milestone. It's a journey that started with a small promise, followed by many other exchanges that finally culminate in the first monetary transaction. But that is just the first phase of your relationship with the spenders. You strive to provide enough value everyday so that they continue to invest their time and money in your game. You learn to identify the best times and best messages that will encourage additional purchases.

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Money Back Guarantee For Braze Customers

For a limited time until June 2024, Sonamine is offering a 60 day money back guarantee to Braze customers. Come experience the ease and simplicity of the First Time Spender Nudge package and watch your conversions soar.

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  • Ad Placement Analysis
  • UX Personalization For First Time Purchase
  • Next Best Offer Analysis
  • Subscription upsell campaigns
  • Conversion campaign set up
  • IAP Bundle Optimization
  • Subscription Simulation
  • Game Economy Analysis
  • Custom Analysis

Services That Align With Your Game

Our monetization services answer the immediate problems specific to each game stage. If you are in soft launch or early launch, you may be focused on tweaking the source and sinks in your economy, and increasing optimizing the initial conversion funnel. In growth stage, you may focus on scalability and less on profitability. In harvest and sunset mode, you may focus only maximizing lifetime value per payer.

Reducing Complexity Of Game Config Settings

Many different variables control the user's monetization experience, including value per incentivized ad, frequency and duration of ads, in-app-purchase bundle size, exchange rate between soft and hard currency. Sonamine services help you understand the impact of these variables, and then design each user's experiences with the right combination.

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