Time Limited Live Ops Events

It's not that hard to start limited time events. You can use your existing tools. You can study the users to understand the value proposition. Let us start that first limited time event together.

Ideate Together

Looking through the calendar to find an open slot. Brainstorming the event theme and using data to figure the best user value proposition. Segmenting the users to ensure a match between the reward and the user lifecycle stage. We work together with you to plan and write the brief.

Communications Plan

Crafting the right number of announcements across all channels is time intensive. We set it all up for you in your CRM and messaging toolset. This includes the right user segmentation criteria and targeting.

Art and Creatives

Leveraging your brand book and past content, our designers create a slate of message artwork for the event. And we test them to ensure they look good on the different game platforms.  And to make sure we know what works, we set up AB Tests on similar but different artwork.

Fill In The Gaps

These events tend to pull from many different departments. If there are insufficient in-house resources, our services team will help, at no extra cost. Then we sync all requirements and dependencies, and make it work.

Learnings For The Next One

When the first limited time event goes live, we are already planning the next event. We segment the user audiences to see if different segments responded differently; we figure out which artwork performs.

Money Back Guarantee For Braze Customers

For a limited time until June 2024, Sonamine is offering a 60 day money back guarantee to Braze customers. Come experience the ease and simplicity of the First Time Spender Nudge package and watch your conversions soar.

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