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Fun fun fun. How do we make it more fun for the user? New content always helps, but that isn't the only answer. Users engage for fun on many levels - community, challenge, discovery, familiarity. Leverage these metas is key to user commitment.

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  • Streak, Challenge Execution
  • Player Journey Mapping
  • Dynamic Player Rewards
  • Limited Time Events
  • Predicting User Event Milestones
  • Engagement Factor Analysis
  • Content Discovery Tutorials
  • Custom Engagement Campaigns

Tailoring Hints and Tips To Each User

Some users will love your game immediately. But many users will need consistent hand-holding and patient tips to keep them playing. We help you figure out what propels each user to the next level of engagement. Then we execute campaigns and messaging that leverages these user insights.

Balancing Consistency with Novelty

The reliable comfort of game mechanics can be livened with unexpected events and surprises. The game then becomes a platform through which users experience community, novelty and delight. Engagement services focus on strengthening the connections that keep users coming back to game.

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