To solve your challenges in retention, engagement and monetization, Sonamine offers complete service packages, each one addressing specific pain points. You get started immediately with these turnkey packages, because each package pulls together all the components needed.

What's included
  • Advanced Analysis
  • Creative Services
  • Hands-on AB Test and Campaign Set Up
  • Reporting
  • Ongoing Tweaks
Starting price
$2,500 per package
per month

First Time Spender Nudge

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How do you get more first time conversions without annoying users with too many promos and popups? The "First Time Spender Nudge" package consists of proactive hints and messages displayed to targeted non-spenders. For maximum effectiveness without the "spam" feel, these messages are targeted only to users who are ready to convert. Additionally, the hints and messages are tailored to the appropriate time and location within the app.

Repeat Purchase Campaigns

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Once users make the first spending purchase, you want to improve their experience by limiting the number of promotional and pop-up messages. At the same time, if the spender is ready to make another purchase, you want to streamline their purchase process. The Repeat Purchase Campaigns identifies spenders who are ready to make additional purchases, and makes it easier for them to do so. This could mean suppressing ads temporarily or customizing the upsell message.

Targeted Churn Prevention

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You know that giving rewards to users will help to keep them. But you also know that giving rewards to all users is leaving money on the table. Not all users need the reward to continue playing. The Targeted Retentions Rewards package targets retention rewards to only users who about the churn. Combining push notifications and messaging to communicate these targeted rewards, this package has resulted in 80% higher ARPU when compared to a control group.

Subscription merchandizing

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Subscriptions provide a stable predictable revenue stream for your app. But the percentage of users who buy a subscription is low. Often this is due to ineffective product marketing; users just cannot grasp the value of upgrading to a subscription. The subscription merchandizing package combines a series of short informational messages with a final call-to-upgrade offer. These messages are personalized to users at the various stages using machine learning.

Streaks and Challenges

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Quests, challenges and streaks are all ways to increase user engagement. But pulling together a quest that requires product development is daunting. This package allows customized engagement and monetization quests to be executed without product development. Combining near real time data analysis, rewarding and messaging, you specify quest conditions such as start and end dates, player segments and achievement requirements. We then take care of the analytics, messaging, rewarding and reporting.

Time Limited Live Ops Events

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Valentines day, Christmas and other holidays are perfect times to run themed events. You can encourage repeated engagement with tournaments, competitions or offers. This package includes creative design, event setup such as localized targeting, near real time analysis and reporting. So you can run a themed event just by providing us with an event brief.

Onboarding UX Redesign

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Users have been successfully installing and enjoying the game. But you have an intuition that the FTUX is now cluttered with different pop-ups and ads, scattered throughout the tutorial. You want to fix the FTUX. This package combines advanced statistical analysis and machine learning to design a different set of onboarding screens. Included in the package is the setup of an AB Test and reporting to assess the performance of the new proposed onboarding flow. Our experiences have led to sustained 5-10% improvements in retention.

SKAD Conversion Value Design

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You run UA campaigns to drive installs, but SKAD has torpedoed deterministic attribution. So how do you figure out long term ROAS for IOS campaigns? Is revenue spent the best conversion events to pick for the 64 possibilities? This package combs through your data to recommend the best conversion events for SKAD. These events will lead to better predictive ROAS from the campaign level postbacks.

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