Retention Services

Through user-level lifecycle analysis and machine learning, our team can help minimize friction with uninterested users and maximize user retention. We target only users who are most likely to engage further with the game by luring them with incentive rewards and notifications.

Using Retention Campaigns

What kind of benefits can you reap with our retention campaigns?

Capture the attention of new users

Turn disengaged first-time users into active users. Common methodologies include attracting them with free in-game credits with pop-up messages and push notifications across iOS, android, and desktop platforms.

Synergize with ConvertSoon

Pairing with our ConvertSoon product will optimize the targets to the pool of users who are most likely to become regular, active users. This minimization of resources. The targetting constraints are highly customizable, as are all of our services at Sonamine, so we can help your business achieve results specific to your needs.

Life cycle analysis by data professionals

By analyzing the user lifecycle, our team of data professionals can identify the most common events that lead to user satisfaction and engagement. We can craft promotional events that enrapture the attention of targetted users, encouraging them to log in more frequently.

Why Chose Us?

Quick results
Leveraging industry best practices and our deep expertise, we can plan and setup campaigns to run within days.
Cost effective
Low risk

Our Value Proposition

We offer end-to-end services from good enough user predictions to the planning and execution of personalized campaigns.


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