Sony Online Entertainment leverages Sonamine Predictive Player Scores

Happy new year everyone!

There is a lot of industry interest in using data analytics in games.  Looking at the gamasutra or linkedin job board today, I see that Ubisoft, 2K games, MachineZone, Ngmoco, Microsoft, Z2live, Activision etc are all looking for data analysts.  Especially after it was revealed that the Democrats used a predictive scoring algorithm to allocate scare volunteer resources to get-out-the-vote, interest in using predictive analytics has never been higher, or more hyped.

But really, how do you actually use predictive scores in a day-to-day productionized manner to increase revenues and retention?  Well, one of Sonamine’s customer is Sony Online Entertainment, an industry leading MMO developer.  They have successfully integrated Sonamine predictive player scores into a full fledged player relationship management program that encompasses different player touch points, a communications calendar and different offers.  SOE presented their story at GDC Online in Austin.  (skip to link at bottom to get presentation).  Here are some of their lessons:

  • Develop a player relationship management program, with calendar of communications and offers.
  • Have a system that allows targeting to different sub-segments of players with appropriate messages.
  • Use Sonamine predictive scores to create different player segments.
  • Take the long view, it is a journey.
  • Do not underestimate the resources needed to pull this off.
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