6 Signs Your Game Could Benefit From an Engagement Campaign

February 22, 2023
February 21, 2023

All businesses need engaged customers to thrive, and research backs this up, showing that these customers generate 23% more revenue.

Because customer engagement is essentially the product that video game companies sell, it is vitally important to keep players involved in your games. If your game is showing signs that players are losing interest, it may benefit from an engagement campaign.

Key Takeaways

  • Engagement measures how committed players are to your game.
  • Engaged players tend to make more frequent in-game purchases and are more likely to upgrade to premium versions of games.
  • Engagement campaigns improve player engagement by encouraging longer and more frequent play sessions and improving the gameplay experience.
  • Engagement campaigns are the most effective when you specifically target them to the players who are likely to be the most receptive.
  • Knowing the signs of disengaged players can help you reduce churn and prevent existing engagements issues from getting worse.

What Is an Engagement Campaign?

Engagement tactics are strategies that prompt users to play your game more frequently and for longer sessions. There are several strategies you can employ to boost your player engagement.

Mob Events

Mob events offer players the chance to get in on a limited-time experience and potentially earn a reward, such as a prized object or status reward, for participating. You can encourage users to join mob events by utilizing push notifications and pop-up messages.

New Content

No matter how good your game is, players will eventually get tired of the existing content. Adding new content and ensuring long-time players know about it can boost engagement.

Tailored Audiences

Spamming messages at all players may boost engagement, but you can get better results by targeting the users who are the most likely to benefit from your engagement campaign. Sonamine uses machine learning and data analytics to identify the best users to target.

Repeat Events

One-time events can create excitement, but players may get bored again once the event is over. Repeat events encourage players to keep coming back to your game regularly.

What Is Game Engagement?

Game engagement is a measure of how committed your players are to your game. Engaged gamers are fully immersed in the gameplay experience. Think of it as being like that book you just cannot put down or being on the edge of your seat at a movie theater.

Graphical representation of how player engagement works

Why Is Player Engagement Important?

Engaged players play more, and those who play more tend to make more in-game purchases and view more in-game ads.

Additionally, engaged players are more likely to purchase downloadable content, upgrade to premium versions of your game or purchase a sequel. They are also more likely to recommend your game to other players, post positive reviews and talk about your game on social media. All of this can translate into more revenue.

What Are the 6 Signs Your Game Could Benefit From an Engagement Campaign?

If your game is not experiencing the growth you were expecting, a lack of player engagement could be to blame. These are six signs that may indicate that your game can benefit from boosting your player engagement.

1. Players Are Not Playing As Often

Lack of engagement is a common reason that players quit playing games. This can happen because players have run out of things to do or are experiencing frustration with some element of the gameplay. If you notice that many players are less active than before, it may be time to employ strategies to boost engagement.

2. Session Length Is Down

Shorter session lengths can also be a sign of decreasing player engagement. Maybe your players are still logging in every day to collect their cash, harvest their crops, keep their streak going, or take advantage of whatever daily incentives you have in place.

However, if they are then logging right back out, you may have an engagement problem. Your engagement campaign must prompt players not only to play but to keep playing longer.

3. Players Are Complaining

Are you getting emails, forum posts, or social media messages from players complaining that your game is boring? Are players demanding new content? Are you seeing a lot of messages from players talking about how they used to play your game but no longer do? These are all signs that player engagement is decreasing.

Graphical representation of how player interest changes with engagement

4. Players Are Not Complaining

Player complaints can be a bad sign, but players not engaging with your forums, social media, and other feedback channels can be a worse one.

If your player forums are suddenly a ghost town and you are not getting much interaction on your social media channels either, this can be a sign that players are disengaged from your game to the point that they do not even care enough to complain anymore.

5. Sales Are Down

If players are not buying in-game items, purchasing expansion packs, or making other purchases related to your game, this could be a sign that whatever you are offering for sale is not compelling.

However, it can also be a sign that players are losing interest in your game. If this is the case, an engagement campaign may naturally drive sales back up without the need to change your offerings.

6. Your Lobbies Are Empty

If your game features online matchmaking and your lobbies are empty or it is taking players a long time to get matched with an opponent, this may be a sign of flagging engagement. In multiplayer games, matchmaking problems can compound because the harder it is to find someone to play with, the less motivated players may be to play your game.

This can lead to a cycle where players quit playing because they cannot find a match. This makes it more difficult for the remaining players to find a match, which then leads to more players quitting. Boosting engagement may draw players back in and break this cycle.

How Can Sonamine Help With Your Engagement Campaign?

The team of experienced professionals at Sonamine can help you curate targeted user messages and events to boost the length of play sessions and prompt players to play more frequently. We use machine learning and data analytics to target your engagement campaign to the players who are most likely to be receptive so that you get the most engagement for your efforts.

Contact us today to find out more about how our products can help you boost player engagement.

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Money Back Guarantee For Braze Customers

For a limited time until June 2024, Sonamine is offering a 60 day money back guarantee to Braze customers. Come experience the ease and simplicity of the First Time Spender Nudge package and watch your conversions soar.

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