Engagement Tactics

Our team of experienced professionals can help curate targeted user messages and events, prompting users to have longer and more frequent game sessions. Whether it be for mob events, new releases, or repeat events, our team can utilize data analytics and machine learning to identify users who are most likely to profit from them.

Common Engagement Tactics

Here are services popular with our customers.

Mob events

Encourage users to join in on mob events with their friends through push notifications and pop-up messages. Some such events include server-level events where users may have the chance to obtain a status reward or a prized object if they participate.

New content

Notify long-time players about new content in the game. Prompting them to explore and play with the new additions will likely lead to further in-game engagement with other features of the game.

Tailored Audiences

Target groups of users who are most likely to benefit from the engagement messages. Our team of data professionals can use data analytics and machine learning to identify users with aligned interests.

Repeat events

Organize repeat events that have something special to offer to users with the same interest. Common methodologies include playing n times to obtain some reward and other in-game streak promotions.

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