Third Party Integrations

Sonamine Predictive Player Segments integrates with several third party providers.  These integrations are broadly classified into two types


  • Analytics data sources - these third parties are used by game and app developers for their analytics solution.  Sonamine PPS will proactively retrieve game data from them to generate user predictions.  If you use these analytics providers, there is no additional work for you to provide data to Sonamine.  
  • Leveraging user predictions - these third parties are used by game and app developers to manage game personalization, CRM, AB tests or user acquisition.  Sonamine PPS will send Sonamine predictions to these third parties.  If you use these providers, you can immediately leverage Sonamine predictions for targeted messaging, promotions and user acquisition campaigns. 


Analytics Data Sources


Amplitude is a web and mobile analytics platform that developers use to track and analyze usage of their games and apps.  Sonamine PPS extracts data stored in Amplitude to generate predictions.

Leanplum analytics

Leanplum is a mobile analytics and marketing platform.  Sonamine PPS extracts data stored in Leanplum to generate predictions.


Using Sonamine predictions

Sonamine PPS synchronizes user predictions with Facebook custom audiences.  Developers can thus use Sonamine predictions to re-engage users or identify similar users.  

Sonamine PPS will update Leanplum user attributes with Sonamine predictions.  These Leanplum predictive user attributes can be used for messaging and AB tests.  



Click here to contact us if your third party is not listed above.  Sonamine integrates with new providers as requested by our customers.  

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