{addthis off} ConvertSoon™

If you need to increase your first-time-conversions, then ConvertSoon™ is the product for you.  Since only less than 5% of active players in freemium games are paying players, increasing the first-time-conversions is a strategic revenue imperative.  But at the same time you do not want to annoy your players with spam email, spam notifications or spam pop-ups.  

ConvertSoon solves this problem by predicting a very targeted segment of players who are most likely to convert soon.  This targeted segment usually consists of 1 to 5% of the active player base, thus ensuring a very high degree of relevance and avoiding affecting other players who just started playing.

Once identified, you can personalize the game experience to these players to minimize distractions.  For example, you might turn off third party advertisement or cross promotion bars. At the same time you can send provide relevant offers to motivate these players to convert immediately.

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