{addthis off}Continuous streaming predictions

Using patent-pending social graph mining technology, Sonamine PPS continually scores players in the background.  Since player behavior is fleeting and very dynamic, continual scoring ensures that the up-to-the-minute player behavior is incorporated into the segments.  For example, when a user purchases an item for the first time, she is immediately removed from the ConvertSoon™ segment.  New players are being added to the segments on an hourly basis.

Seamless email communications

To act on the predictions, Sonamine PPS synchronizes with existing email marketing providers.  If you do not have an email marketing provider, Sonamine will set up one for you with our preferred providers.  This integration allows you to immediately take action on the Sonamine PPS with seamless and recurring workflow, all without the manual effort of exporting users, uploading users and clicking a button to send a campaign.

Real time player API

To offer an in-game promotion or change the game play dynamically, you can query which segment a player is in using the Sonamine real time player API. Personalizing the game in real time with relevant messages and offers improves overall revenue and retention.  

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