{addthis off}What results have you seen?

Our game customers have obtained 7 times higher conversion rate in the ConvertSoon™ product.  This means that if you can motivate a small percentage of this segment to convert, you will obtain up to 30% more first-time conversions. 

Additionally, our customers are seeing between 10-20% higher first time conversions each month they run campaigns using ConvertSoon and PurchaseMoreSoon.

Which game developers are you working with?

Daybreak Games (previous known as Sony Online Entertainment), Gamepoint and Pixelberry Studios are some of Sonamine's customers. 

Why don't you develop your own game?

We are predictive modeling automation and social graph mining experts.  You are game experts.  Together, we can focus on what we do best.

How easy is it to get started?

It all starts with data.  There are two ways to get data to us : (a) you use the Sonamine SDK to send real time player data (b) you send us a data dump of what you have now. 

How long before we can get results?

We guarantee to run in-game or email promotions in under 10 business days.

What is your pricing?

Sonamine PPS is priced as a flat fee per month and includes all costs such as IT, data transfer, storage etc.