For Game Developers

{addthis off} After releasing your game and spending money to acquire new players, how do you optimize your revenue from existing players?  Sonamine offers Player Predictive Segments™ (PPS) - an automated system to identify the most important players in your game.  PPS consists of five products.


ConvertSoon™ identifies players that are ready to make a first time real currency purchase.  It is important for game developers to reduce any distractions and obstacles for these players to make their first purchase.  Learn more


PurchaseMoreSoon™ pinpoints players that are ready to buy more virtual items or games.  Players will be matched to the next best item for them. Learn more


ChurnSoon™ identifies players most likely to stop playing the game in the near future.  These are separated into paying and free users so you can provide the appropriate retention offer.  Learn more


RevenueSoon™ predicts how much each player will spend in the near future.  These revenue predictions allow you to tailor the appropriate customer service and optimally allocate your acquisition budget. Learn more


RespondSoon™ identifies the players who will only convert, purchase or retain if you message them.  If you are giving away freebies, you want to target only players who would not otherwise respond. Learn more


InfluenceSoon™ identifies players most likely to influence their friends to start playing the game.  Such influencers must not only send out invites, but also actually have friends who accept their invites to play the game.  Learn more

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