RevenueSoon is now available

If you want to predict how much revenue each particular user will spend on subscriptions, micro-transactions and purchases, RevenueSoon™ is the product for you. As an integral part of the Predictive Player Segments Platform, RevenueSoon™ allows you to optimally allocate the appropriate user-acquisition budget and customer service resources.

How does it work?

The Sonamine Predictive Player Segment platform automatically analyzes historical information to generate daily predictions of how much each user will spend in the future.   Within 10 business days of receiving historical information, RevenueSoon™ will be sent back to you on a daily basis.

What can you use RevenueSoon™ for?

You can segment the existing users based on their predicted revenue.  These different user segments can be treated in different ways to improve the user experience.  Additionally you can use these user segments to allocate your acquisition budget.

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