Integration with Facebook Custom Audiences

We have enabled integration with Facebook custom audiences. This feature allows you to synchronize Sonamine predictions with Facebook custom audiences.

How might this be useful? For example, you can now retarget Facebook users who are likely to churn out of your game. With lookalike campaigns, you can acquire FB users who are most likely to convert to paying users or have the highest predicted LTV. The list goes on.  

There are some intricacies to the synchronization.  First, we had to enable both the addition and 

 deletion of users to a particular custom audience.  Adding a user list it to a custom audience is pretty straightforward.  However deleting users meant that logic had to be create to track which prediction list was to be deleted.   

A second wrinkle was to enable the value based custom audiences.  Facebook allows advertisers to upload a user "LTV" value assigned to each user.  This optional feature is meant to improve Facebook's lookalike optimization.  We added this optimization as an option to every custom audience sync.

The size of the custom audience was another option we enabled.  While Sonamine generates predictions for every active user, it might not be necessary to upload the entire prediction list to Facebook custom audiences.  We added some logic to control the subset of predictions which would be added to a custom audience.

The specific user id being used, for example email or mobile identifier, was another option we enabled in the FB audience sync.  Some customers leverage both these identifiers so it was important to enable different types of user ids.  

Send us your feedback on other options to add!


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