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Sonamine Graph Query Server (SGQS)

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How could you improve the user experience of a website by leveraging the social network of the user?  One way is to identify what his/her friends have been viewing and recommend that to him/her.  The same applies to advertising on a publisher site.  Using the idea that birds of the same feather flock together, you might want to display ads to a user based on what ads his/her friends have responded positively to.

The SGQS is a graph query engine that has a real time interface.  The real time interface responds instantaenously to social network type questions.  Here are some questions that can be answered quickly.

  1. which ads did friends of this user click on?
  2. give me the email addresses of this user's top ranked friends
  3. what is the importance score for this user?

Such a query engine can be used by publishers with online communities, consumer facing web2.0 companies and even call centers.

  • Support for common development languages php, Java, .NET when collocation is used for highest performance.
  • Rest-based web services also available for over-the-web integration.
  • Scalable and fault tolerant
  • Customizable score values for each node


  • Personalize and tailor the consumer experience for each user, increasing stickiness and loyalty.