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Sonamine partners are an integral part of the network analysis ecosystem.  By incorporating network analysis into their offerings, partners position themselves as thought leaders in the predictive analytics and business intelligence industry.  Contact us to join the list of partners below.

Based in Switzerland, BizTelligence Consulting Wettstein connects the dots between end-customers to leverage their business potential.  For this purpose, BizTelligence combines marketing analytics and social network pattern strategies in its consulting methodologies. Sonamine is seen as the social network mining workbench of choice for such projects.

Based in Melbourne Australia, IDU Consult is a boutique analytics and consulting provider liaising the power of network analysis and information visualization with business strategy. As a pioneer in the business analytics field they have close to 10 years experience in extracting value from customer, market or inner-organizational data for marketing and sales strategies. In a nutshell - their analytic insights assist organizations to rationalize and optimize  resource deployment while enhancing targeting and customer experience.


Based in Turkey, Maksellent is bringing innovative and profitable solutions to its clients. With the help of Sonamine SNA software, Maksellent brings distinctive perspectives in retention, customer insights, loyalty marketing, operational, analytic CRM, social media and mobile marketing initiatives.




Based in Poland, Right Solutions helps enterprises to achieve better results thanks to applying Business Intelligence methods.  Apply the knowledge about your customers to increase sales.  Using Sonamine software, Right Solutions provides industry leading social network analysis techniques to churn prediction and propensity models.

Based in Germany, schwerdt&feger provides consulting services to businesses, helping them implement projects in the areas of Social-Media-Marketing and Data-Mining. They specialize in the usage of Social Network Analysis for advertising on social network sites, along with their optimization. Sonamine provides scalable SNA tools for them to fulfill and optimize their needs.




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