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Quick start package

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The quick start package is a fixed cost six week long project where our data miners work with you to analyze a subset of your network data.  Throughout the project, we work closely with you to ensure complete knowledge transfer.  We follow a structured project plan in the Quick Start Program.  This project plan has the following phases:

  • Planning and scoping :  We work with you to understand your goals, objectives. We will do a quick pass through the data that you have available to ascertain what can be accomplished in the six weeks.  Scoping usually takes about one week.
  • Data cleansing and exploration : Our data analysts remove duplicates and outliers from the data you provided.  We start to explore which variables might be internally correlated, and which network analytics might predict your objectives and goals.
  • Analysis and simulation : Our data miners start to create network scores and predictive models, running them through simulations to see what works.
  • Final report : We develop a set of recommendations based on the social network and data mining analysis.


  • Very quickly identify any social network attributes that are predictive of your outcome target.
  • Receive clear actionable recommendations from the network analysis.



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