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Outsourced scoring

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If you know the types of analytic scores needed from your social network or your call graph, you can use Sonamine Scoring Service to generate them quickly.  All you have to do is to submit a job request file and data file into a secured SFTP site.  Our servers automatically scan your job folders and score your data according to the instructions in the job request file.  The resulting score files will be placed back into your secured folders.

  • Scalable to large amounts of network data, into the billions of edges and hundreds of millions of nodes.
  • Supports one time and recurring jobs.
  • Standard scoring types: centrality measures, neighborhood calculations such as percentage of neighbors that meet a specific criteria and weighted average of neighbors' call volume
  • Custom scoring can be arranged prior to job submission.


  • Roll out new analysis scores very quickly without having to procure new hardware or bog down your IT department.
  • Pay for only what you get.



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