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Sonamine Graph Analysis Server (SGAS)

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When you have discovered which patterns in your social network or call graph are important to your business, you will need a industrial grade analytic server to extract these patterns on a daily basis.  A production quality server must scale to the size of your data needs, must have all the security, management and monitoring capabilities you come to expect.  Finally, the server must stay up and have a hot real-time failover capability.

The SGAS is parallelized software that is deployed on a multi-node cluster of commodity servers.  It analyzes network and generates various scores.  It distributes network and graph analysis jobs across the server cluster for maximum performance and scalability.

  • Enterprise deployment to secure your data.  No need to send your customer data outside your firewall.
  • Redundant peer-to-peer clustering.  If one cluster node fails, the data and processing immediately shifts to surviving nodes
  • Horizontal scalability.  To support more data, you simply add more servers to the self discovering cluster.
  • Integration with relational databases and machine learning tools for both importing and exporting of data and insights.


  • Peace of mind that the server will always be up and the data secure behind your firewall
  • Maximum insight by utilizing all your data assets, not just a sample subset.

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