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Services Overview

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Just as our software products assist you in all stages of leveraging network data that you have, our services are organized around the same set of stages.

Stage one revolves around exploration and understanding.  If you are new to network analysis and want to get started quickly, it can be economical, instructive and faster to leverage external knowledge and expertise.

The Sonamine Quick Start Program is a structured 6 week jump start services engagement.  Using our leading data mining and network specialists, we will quickly analyze a subset of your network data and provide concrete recommendations based on proven predictive modeling and machine learning techniques.


Stage two revolves around taking the stage one analysis into production.  Investing in a new network analysis scoring IT environment often consumes time and resources.  But you may want to operationalize the network exploration and analysis you conducted in stage one.

The Sonamine Graph Scoring Service is a enterprise grade outsourced scoring capability.  It allows you to send your anonymized data to Sonamine for network scoring.  It is easy and you can receive your scores on a daily or one-time basis.  The costs of hosting your data and scoring it on a data cloud are passed through directly with no hidden surcharges.


Stage three involves using the output of your analysis in stage two.  You may decide to use the network analytics in a call center, an online ad server, a marketing campaign management system or even a web20 site!  All these systems have their own protocols, but need to import and consume the network analytics.

Sonamine Integration Services provides IT integration services to hook up the Sonamine Graph Query Server or Analysis Server with your customer facing system.  For example, we can connect up the OpenX ad server's DeliveryTarget module to the "friends-of-friends" capability in the Sonamine Graph Query Server.


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