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Telecommunications firms are facing stiff competitive pressures. Declining voice ARPUs, the growth of pre-paid subscribers switching SIM cards and the rise of alternatives such as VOIP are all looming threats.  Telcos need to proactively retain their customers while diversifying into non-voice offerings such as data services and internet access.

The call graph is one of the richest data assets that telcos can use in this challenging environment.  By understanding and leveraging the social network captured inside the call detail records, telcos can reduce churn and improve the effectiveness of new product promotions.

The main challenge of using the call detail record is the sheer size and scale of the information.  The existing social network analysis tools today are written for education purposes and do not scale into the millions of users.  Take action with the scalable Sonamine graph analysis platform to

  • Explore the social network hidden inside the call records of millions of users
  • Extract the relevant network features that help predict the goals you want : churn reduction, new product conversions
  • Embed the social insight and predictive models into your daily processes using enterprise level software

Sonamine solutions

For your retention and marketing managers, the Sonamine Telco Churn Predictor is an easy to use but highly sophisticated churn analysis tool.  As a PC tool, it is quick to get going and easily generates a churn list for a 2million subscriber network in under 10 minutes on a laptop.

Allow your data miners to explore the social network in the call details using the Sonamine Graph Scoring Engine.  By extracting the relevant social network insight, they can design an ongoing marketing campaign based on a complete picture of your customers.

Leverage the Sonamine Graph Analysis Server as an enterprise level social insight server.  Taking the work of your data miners one step further, the SGAS will generate all the scores and insights on a daily basis from billions of call records.

Improve the consumer experience on your customer website by leveraging the social network insight.  For example, you may enable your subscriber to make certain call preferences based on their most important call circle.  The Sonamine Graph Query Server provides real time information to your call center and the subscriber website.



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