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Sonamine Graph Scoring Engine (SGSE)

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Are you sitting on a potential gold mine?  Perhaps you have some social network data, some call detail record data, instant messaging data, email records or some forum usenet information.  You might be wondering how to leverage this network data to improve business performance.  But first you need to get a better feel for the network in the data.

The SGSE is a data analyst's tool that lets you quickly get some insight into the data you have.  It works by importing your network data and generating some useful network metrics.  You can then use these metrics in further data exploration.

  • Scalable, for 1M edges and 400,000 nodes, on a Windows laptop, loads in under 3 minutes, scores eigenvector centrality in under 3 minutes.
  • Calculates neighborhood scores not found in common social network analysis tools.  Examples include percentage of neighbors with degree 2, size of local network up to 3 hops away, percentage of connected neighbors who meet certain criteria.


  • Very quickly identify any social network attributes that are predictive of your outcome target



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