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Management team

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Our team is comprised of key seasoned data and analytics professionals.



Nick Lim leads the company and has over 15 years experience in large data environments.  He has personally worked on a nationwide land use tracking database, a military recall and mobilization system, and a multi-terabyte credit card marketing database.  He has held multiple marketing and sales roles, and was a director of product management when MicroStrategy released their scalable business intelligence platform MicroStrategy 7.  While at Enpocket, he developed a real time predictive system used by the mobile advertising platform. Enpocket was acquired by Nokia in 2007.  At Nokia he ran a globally distributed products and strategy team of over 10 professionals.  Nick has a bachelor's degree from Harvard University.


Jeff Kaditz is a proud graduate of Pierce elementary school in Newton, Massachusetts, and is an avid believer that technology can not only make the world a better place but make it more fun. Jeff has a diverse background as an entrepreneur and in product development both in hardware and software spaces. Most recently Jeff was Chief Data Officer at ngmoco:) and is currently an Entrepreneur in Resident at HVF LLC, based in San Francisco, California. A self-proclaimed 'amateur graph theorist' he enjoys geeking with the Sonamine team about algorithms and graph concepts.


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