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Product Overview

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We are intensely focused on helping customers better leverage network data to improve their bottom line. As such we have created products that complement every step that you take in this data oriented process.

Stage one revolves around exploration and understanding.  During this stage, you will be trying to explore the type of network data that you have.  You will use certain visualization tools out there.  Soon, you will discover that you need to generate some neighborhood scores and social network metrics, but that the current tools are too slow for what you need.  You need to generate scores for a sample of up to 2 million nodes without it taking longer than 10 hours on your laptop, or your workstation.

The Sonamine Graph Scoring Engine is a high performance scorer that runs on a data miner's laptop without any memory limitations.  It can easily score up to 2 million nodes with only 2 GB of memory.  It allows you to quickly generate network scores that can then be used in predictive modeling and machine learning tasks.   From there, you can determine which models work and what social network metrics you need in production.


Stage two revolves around taking the stage one analysis into production.  Now that you know which network metrics or the segmentation clusters you need, you install redundant scalable software on commodity hardware that you already have.  This is important as you need to analyze all the data you have in your network, such as call records from the past week, or blog comments from yesterday.  These analysis jobs are scheduled, monitored and managed as you would any enterprise grade infrastructure.

The Sonamine Graph Analysis Server is a scalable, redundant enterprise grade network analysis backend that fits into your IT environment.  It is a batch environment to run various graph scoring and mining procedures.  You need this server to productionize your network analysis into an operational environment.


Stage three involves using the output of your analysis in stage two.  You may want to allow other business systems such as your CRM, call center or online ad server to access the network predictions and scores instantly.  For example, you may target relevant ads to a user based on what his/her friends have clicked on; or your call center may need instant alerts when the caller is a high churn prospect.

The Sonamine Graph Query Server is a real-time distributed server that allows external systems to benefit from the network analysis and predictions.   You need this server to allow all your customer facing functions to benefit and leverage the insights you gained from network analysis!


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